Family in the Word!

Bible Study is set to resume soon! We hope to see you this year! Sign up sheets are available! Please make a special effort to mark your calendar to be present for Family in the Word. Classes are held in the church every Wednesday at 7 PM! There's class for every member of the family. 

                       Theme: "Study to Show Thyself Approved" 

                                        2 Timothy 2:15

                                   Exciting details to follow! 

                                HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

Thanksgiving Food Basket Donation 

Don't forget your food basket donations!

We are still asking for cake mix & icing. Collection bins are available in the narthex. 

You're in our Prayers!

To our own Minister Evelyn Fields, praying God's Blessing for a speedy and complete Healing. You are Loved!!!

"The Traveler’s Hymn of Trust” Psalm 121:8


Please commit the prayer to memory & pray it as you leave work, home, school etc…

Lord bless thy going out and thy coming in from this day forth even forever more!